Rozenbaum is a multi-faceted diamond trading and jewelry production and marketing organization. Rozenbaum maintains total control over buying. quality control, manufacturing, production and marketing. This vertical integration allows the company to offer superior goods at very attractive prices.


Rozenbaum employs several hundred diamond experts who cut, finish and polish stones for the world’s most demanding customers. The entire process is carried out at company owned facilities or exclusive subcontractors. High tech systems such as laser equipment, computerized cutting and sawing units as well as a comprehensive automated office system enable Rozenbaum to enhance quality while maintaining highly competitive prices. From the production floor to the head office, inventory, production, marketing and shipping are aided by the precision and time savings that computers provide. Quality control is maintained at every level by teams of inspectors. Then, every stone is individually inspected by one of the partners before it is shipped. These high standards are reflected in steadily growing sales and the impressive number of new customers that have joined the company.