Rozenbaum – Service, Selection & Stability

Rozenbaum has grown to become one of Israel’s busiest and most respected diamond firms. With offices in Tel Aviv as well as the US, Rozenbaum is respected for their superb customer service, and the personal attention that the firm’s partners give to every customer.


Since its inception, the company has always emphasized customer service. That’s why Rozenbaum has invested in creating a team of top marketing personnel with the multi-lingual experience and expertise that enables them to successfully deal with customers in more than 50 countries. Customers who depend on Rozenbaum to provide the right product at the most competitive prices – always delivered on-time.


Rozenbaum is a well-known member of the international diamond and jewelry community. Further to importing its own rough diamonds, Rozenbaum owns several subsidiaries which enable the company to control the entire diamond process – from purchasing, production, cutting, polishing and finishing to marketing. Versatility, variety, dedication to customer service and competitive pricing have led the company to show impressively high growth throughout the past decade.


Today, Rozenbaum stands at the forefront of the diamond business and has gained recognition as one of the country’s leading exporters. Today, the company is ranking capable the top 10 largest diamond companies in Israel. Rozenbaum is poised to enter new markets, maintaining it’s dedication to quality and service that has made it a leader in the diamond industry.